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Re: !Aion Official Suggestion Thread!

Postby Junrie » 05 Mar 2019 12:24

Well I guess this has already been posted so many times but I'm like too lazy to read. So I just wanna know if the map could change sometimes, not now obviously, but I really can't see myself playing in Lakrum until the 7.0 release. This map is boring.
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Re: !Aion Official Suggestion Thread!

Postby Burden » 06 Mar 2019 22:08

Can we remove seed of detection from .1v1? Possibly BG's altogether tbh. Hide is already nerfed for time so it really seems like overkill. As far as BGs altogether it's probably fine/necessary in teams, but even in FFA being the easiest thing to kill with not the strongest burst makes it too juicy to just target the ranger every time they show up. Hide is a good counter to that especially since seeds match the cd of hide.
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Re: !Aion Official Suggestion Thread!

Postby puss » 13 Mar 2019 20:50

Make mobile version of forum! Is most important and priority issue.
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Re: !Aion Official Suggestion Thread!

Postby wbzaki » 13 Mar 2019 23:50

puss wrote:Make mobile version of forum! Is most important and priority issue.

you do know you can still view on mobile you just have to zoom in, you can still type, add emoji, links, you can even create an entire guide with colorful texts with a regular mobile browser like CM browser/chrome/phone default browser.
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Re: !Aion Official Suggestion Thread!

Postby Naifter » 14 Mar 2019 12:45

Personal opinion;
If you could bring back a patch like 4.8, would be great. But of course only a patch would not be enough to keep all or some players active.
An issue with 4.6 was that open world map was leaded most of the time from zergs, like from 10 to 20 people sitting (plus or less in the middle of all the garrisons) and waiting opposite faction to come, well that's not funny at all.
If you want or care a little about bringing back some players you could update to a more PvP-friendly patch, like 4.8 or 4.9, and try to create some content to keep constantly busy also the players who constantly play in solo. (.FFA or .1v1s can be pretty boring to some, since on FFA the weakest classes are always focused from everyone and on 1v1, as i remember, there were mostly cleric in MB/HP.)
Not giving mights for free could help, since players will need to play more time to fully gear up. For example you could put some (I'm showing some instances names, but I am not saying to put them all) Infinity shard, 4.8's Vasharti, DLR, Abyssal Splinter and The eternal Bastion portals (with a fixed time CD) and some other bosses to drop might and something more that could be tempering solution, mastarius favor or more.
So all those people can live again those boss experience (that are actually really missed from many players) but also being rewarded with some reward that they will use to gear up or skin, if not even more.
A more frequent map change would be appreciated, so the people wont get bored of doing all the same things over and over for weeks if not months. For example a map change every 1 week would be a improvement, from my point of view.
Best regards, Naifter.
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