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Re: Many QQ in a row

Postby Hydro » 14 Mar 2019 15:54

Crusherz wrote:nah, it's good in terms of balance and i'm talking about pvp of course
I wouldn't say 4.8 is more balanced, 4.8 is just the number physical classes mainers mention as the "most fair one" because it boosted most of them a lot (templars, rangers boosted, chants boosted, glads boosted in a way)

I agree. This patch is great for balance.

Look at it this way, bard has to use a chain in order to use silence, instead of being able to use it on its own, like it has been able to for MANY patches. As someone who plays this "easy class" I truly appreciate that it has somewhat of a challenge now, mostly against clerics.

Anyways, bard, AT and gunner have always been pretty overpowered classes.
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Re: Many QQ in a row

Postby wbzaki » 14 Mar 2019 21:39

Seoul wrote:Back in my days we had to manage CDs to duel.

OMmmggggggg seeeoouullll Daddy hi i thought u got spitroasted by gang members. glad ur alive
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Re: Many QQ in a row

Postby Naifter » 15 Mar 2019 10:02

Then, teach me how to PvP, when you meet only Sorc, SM, AT, Gunners.. If you would have played a plate class, you would have never told me
"It's a more balanced patch in terms of PvP balance"
Well, you can beat AT's and Gunners, but once you got CD? DEAD. Well, "fair" fight.
As i could see very few people played bard even in 4.8, and to be honest almost every class got boosted in it's way.
BTW I don't care at patches after 4.9, i played 5.0 did like lvl 70 in a few weeks then completely quitted retail. I'm playing from 1.2 so i was completely dissapointed about what they did during 4.0 and 5.0.
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Re: Many QQ in a row

Postby notyukifir » 17 Mar 2019 00:59

3.0 wasnt better pvp wise. A sorc was literally 1 shooting you with flame spray
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Re: Many QQ in a row

Postby Burden » 17 Mar 2019 12:31

Playing from 1.0, I never got the feeling that Aion was intended to be balanced for 1v1 pvp. In every update, top tier players were able to point out clear and obvious imbalances no matter what class they played. Even when they added 1v1 in retail it was broken by maps and OP mobs, showing it was more about luck and giving everyone a chance to win than balance where only the strongest players would win ever.
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