Looking for a Legion

Looking for a Legion

Postby Lethalcoconut1 » 08 Feb 2018 20:07

Whay you haff to be mad is only gaem
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Re: Looking for a Legion

Postby Rospet » 10 Feb 2018 14:51

Lethalcoconut1 wrote:Im Very active im a very rated player and i like to help others iv had experience being a deputy
k, so first of all. I don't recall you being a deputy in our legion. You were mearly a centurion who never did stuff by himself. 2nd of all, very rated? Man you suck ass as a gladi, also next time when you wanna look for another legion. Leave the one you are currently in beforehand so you don't manage to piss the wrong ppl off (which is what u just did)
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Re: Looking for a Legion

Postby HexHaXor » 14 Feb 2018 16:37

"the wrong people" dude hide in your house cuz this guys are from the mafia
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Re: Looking for a Legion

Postby Clover » 14 Feb 2018 17:44

legions on !aion are SERIOUS business guys
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Re: Looking for a Legion

Postby Hydro » 14 Feb 2018 22:29

Rospet wrote:Man you suck ass

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