Not Aion Rules

Not Aion Rules

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IMPORTANT: These rules are not an exhaustive list. We reserve the right to handle any matter as we see fit and it is always up to the staff member's discretion to decide whether an issue can be considered a breach of conduct and what punishment it should involve. The rules mentioned here merely serve as guidelines for you, the player, to understand and sense our concept of proper conduct.

Want to know more about Not Aion? Read our Official Guide.


  • You must show sportsmanship and participate actively and fairly in all PvP
    When participating in any PvP format (BG's, OW, 1v1, Arena, FFA, etc.) you are expected to actively participate. That means, you must play when you join any PvP format. Violations of this could be AFK'ing, trolling (by working against your team) or other things that wouldn't be considered as normal playing behaviour.

  • Teaming is strictly forbidden in any form
    You are not allowed to cooperate or coordinate with players of opposing teams/races. In solo PvP formats such as FFA, this means you are not allowed to cooperate or coordinate with other players. In popular terms, this means that teaming is not allowed. This also concerns kill trading which is the act of killing yourself (running a second client) or another player repeatedly in order to gain Might/GP/AP. Furthermore, this also means that any form of match manipulation is forbidden, especially if the goal is to assist someone (or be assisted) to reach a higher rank on the BG ladder.

  • Impersonating staff is strictly forbidden
    You must not attempt to impersonate any staff member. That means, you are not allowed to create a character with a name that is strikingly similar to a staff member (it's alright if your character name was chosen prior to the staff member joining the staff or choosing the name). You are also not allowed to give the impression that you are a staff member through chat, either by using tricks to make it appear as if a staff member is writing the message, or simply telling others that you are a staff member when you in fact aren't.

  • Giving yourself any sort of unfair advantage is strictly forbidden
    Cheating is strictly forbidden. Doing anything that can give you an advantage over other players that they cannot achieve through normal means is not allowed. This means that any third party programs that modify the game client to produce faster animation times, faster movement speed, flying outside flying regions, teleporting, duplicating items, and so on, are strictly forbidden. Modifying game client files is also strictly forbidden as it can also lead to unfair advantages similar to those of hacking programs. We do, however, allow the usage of external macro programs such as AutoHotKey and other such tools as they are readily available and do not provide an unfair advantage.

  • Invisible and disproportionate skins are not allowed
    Invisible skins and NPC skins that are out of proportion with the size of normal equipment are not allowed. Invisible shoulder pieces (such as pauldrons) are allowed, however.

  • Offensive names are forbidden
    Offensive character and legion names are forbidden. If you are unsure whether a certain name is permitted or not, ask a staff member. Do not use names that can not be read or use a lot of repeated letters. You are inconveniencing staff members and other players by doing so.

  • Insulting anyone is forbidden
    Insulting or harassing other players and staff members is not allowed. Please maintain a respectful tone and refrain from answering back if you are the target of insults or harassment. We advice you to use the /Block feature first and if the offending player continues (from another character), then you should report it to a staff member.

  • Rules set by a staff member during events must be followed
    During any event, the staff member hosting the event has full discretion to decide on the rules. The staff member may exclude any player for no reason and may at any time interfere in the event if necessary. Failure to comply to the rules set forth by the staff member may result in a exclusion from the event as well as a punishment that the staff member decides.


  • Don't spam and don't double-post. Instead, use the Edit feature and append what you want to say at the end of your post.
  • Offensive language and harassment is not allowed.
  • Large signatures are not allowed.
  • Advertisements for anything not related to Not Aion are not allowed.
  • Any offenses commited on the forum may translate into consequences, such as a ban, for your game account.


  • Breaking any of the rules set forth or if a staff member decides that you have breached proper conduct will lead to a warning or punishment. Punishments may involve deduction of your Might, GP, AP, removal of items and in more severe cases temporary or permanent termination (ban) of your account, any associated accounts and any future accounts created by you. The punishment issued is decided by the staff member dealing with the breach of rules or proper conduct.
  • If you are uncertain as to why you have been punished or if you feel a punishment is disproportionate, please send a PM to Harboe. However, be aware that staff members are critically selected and trained for a long time, and thus it is rare that a staff member's decision is not supported fully by Harboe.

Please remember that Not Aion is Harboe's server and you are a guest. This means, that Harboe bears the final say in any matter and may take whatever action that Harboe sees fit. If you feel that you have been unfairly treated by any player or staff member, you are encouraged to send a PM to Harboe.

Disclaimer: we reserve the right to alter these rules at any time. Remember that they serve as guidelines as to what we consider proper conduct and may therefore not completely reflect how rules are exercised at a given time.
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