New to Aion/Not Aion Game/Private Server

New to Aion/Not Aion Game/Private Server

Postby The11thDoctor » 08 Mar 2014 03:43

Hi there yall. My name is ******* and I am new to Aion. ( but I like playing on Private servers of games not some high and mighty retail server >.<

With that said, I am not sure which Race to go(Asmodian or Elyos), I know what class I want. (Cleric) or (Songwriter) anyhow, any opinions on that would be great.

I am playing in the Tiamat server not sure if they East/West server are connected. but I live in the West so Tiamat seemed like a better option.

I am hopefully looking for a helpful/newb friendly Legion to get me up to date on this game and all its wonders.
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Re: New to Aion/Not Aion Game/Private Server

Postby Exhausting » 13 Mar 2014 05:20

I would say join Asmodian since Elyos are regaining in population real quick and finding a friendly and newbie legion might be a bit difficult seeing the low population on U.S server, well other than that, have a great time here.
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