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Top Gun Week is On ;)

PostPosted: 06 Oct 2018 17:24
by elaine

Time to reveal the sneaky event I'm running since Monday ;)
Each day I was collecting the Top Guns that made 100 or more kills that day
Now it's time to let you know what's going on :mrgreen:

Event started on Monday 1/10 and will end on Sunday 7/10 at midnight
The only thing you need to do to participate is kill as many players as you can in any PvP format
You can see your daily kill count in the Profile > Rank tab under Victories

Each 100 kills = 2 x Slot Stone bundles and 10x Halloween candy boxes

In addition The most active player, means player that was on the Top Gun list for most days will receive the Image Tetragon Hopper, a unique event reward only, mount!

The Week winners:
1st Place (most kills through the week):
Mount from the shop of your choosing
5x manastone slot bundles
5k might

2st Place:
4x manastone slot bundles
4k might

3st Place:
3x manastone slot bundles
3k might

Happy hunting ;)

*You have to make at least 100kills in a day to be qualified, anything below 100 is ignored (does not add up to the total kill count)
so example:
101 one day then 99 next day - you get rewards only for 101 kills (99 is below 100 so does not add)
155 and 151 kills = 306 so you will get 3x the 100kill reward

Re: Top Gun Week is On ;)

PostPosted: 06 Oct 2018 17:26
by elaine
Current ranking:) Monday - Friday


Re: Top Gun Week is On ;)

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2018 23:37
by elaine
Main winners:

1st Place: Etsu (Wendigo)

2nd Place: Ruzik

3rd Place: Umbreo

Most Active Player:

Etsu (Wendigo)

Etsu (Wendigo) Please PM me with char names you want to get mounts on. Everyone else - reward is in the mailbox of the listed char.



Re: Top Gun Week is On ;)

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2018 23:44
by elaine
Lunaria, Sweetkush - name not found ;) send me PM with information to which char I should send the boxes to - it has to be on the same account.