FFA Reward Week and Open World drop week

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FFA Reward Week and Open World drop week

Postby elaine » 26 Aug 2018 01:22


FFA Reward and Open World drop week

From now till Sunday (02/09) All mobs in Open World have a chance to drop <Power Shard Bundle> which contain 100 of +50 power shards each.

The FFA Rewards:

Daily (I'll be checking logs around midnight)
first to get 10 kill streak gets 1000 +50 power shards
first to get 15 Kill streak gets 2000 +50 power shards

ALL :+20 kill streaks get 5000 power shards, 25 kill streaks 10k, 30 = 15k 35 = 20k etc

IF someone hits the magical 66 kill streak ;) they get the 2x 500k stacks

*REMINDER: as FFA event is up any teaming in FFA will not only get you zeroed but also banned
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