Not Aion Football League

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Not Aion Football League

Postby elaine » 19 Nov 2017 16:56




!Aion will be hosting a knockout football event.

This Sunday (26/11) at 7pm CET in our very own football stadium
You can register in this thread up to 2h before the tournament start.
Teams registered here will have priority.
You will be able to register in game between 6:00 and 6:30

Guys from NA server are most welcome to join! - starter char is all you need! (rewards will be sent to the char of your choosing!)
event starts at noon NA server time

Minimum number of teams to have tournament is 4 (anything below and it's cancelled)
Max number of teams: 20

The event will be 4v4, teams consisting of 3 Temps and 1 SM.
Gear is useless here! All you need is a weapon and boots.
To score you simply doomlure the ball over your opponents goal, team with most goals wins!

to register for event write ur team below!

Each team will receive uniforms and is obligated to use them during the fight.
You are not allowed to have any armor except for boots and gloves!

> Templars are allowed to use pulls on the Ball and any stuns or kds on players (tackle), any other skills or DPS will be punished as a foul.
> SM's are allowed to fear anyone and slow players. Anything else will be punished with a foul
> A Foul will be punished with death. Taking you out of the game for around 5 seconds.

REWARDS (all team members get a set):
1st place:
ImageSoccer Ball Egg
Mount of your choosing
2500 might
75 Provocation Firecracker

2nd place:
ImageCute Team Spirit Shugo Egg
2000 might
50 Provocation Firecracker

3rd place:
ImageDapper Team Spirit Shugo Egg
1500 might
25 Provocation Firecracker

All participants get to keep uniforms!
in addition all will receive: 200 might and 10 fireworks!

Soccer Ball:
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Re: Not Aion Football League

Postby Gameboy » 08 Dec 2017 02:28

How the event was? Kek :lol:
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