[GUIDE] Welcome to event section.

Curious if there is an event? Check it out!

[GUIDE] Welcome to event section.

Postby Spartaque » 24 Jun 2017 22:28

Hello, guys and welcome to EVENT SECTION!

In this small guide we're going to explain you how does this section work and some general rules.


Staff members are making events almost on daily basis, it means you're going to see a lot of KOR, Kysis and BattleRoyal (solo or for groups) and a bit more small events everyday. If you want to partake in these events, you have to apply with /s .queue command in game and listen to hosting staff member (either AM or GM) very closely. Each staff member has specific rule set for each event, so make sure you've read all rules and understood them, before start playing. Rules are always posted before event starts, so make sure to check them out (for example). It's always better to ask, than get DQ'ed or punished for breaking rules.

  • KOR - team vs team event, you have to apply with command /s .queue when staff member announced it. You will be ported at closed area, where you are required to make a line immediatly. Do not attack, do not run around and listen to staff member for further instructions.
  • Kysis - huge FFA event at closed area, when event is open - you can join it from your home base (portal is huge dragon statue at the middle of the base).
  • BattleRoyal event- huge PvP event (similar to Kysis/FFA), you will be ported by hoster to closed area (always different spots, not fixed like in Kysis event). You will be able to have fun at huge PvP event (either solo or in group with friends), you'll be recieving buffs from GM, you'll be forced to fly/glide and be ready to regroup all the time. Join once and check it out!


Along with small events we're hosting large/big tournaments as often as we can. These events are announced with special thread in event section, it's also going to be announced in game. You can find all information you need there, as TIME, DATE, RULES and REGISTRATION FORM (either with /s .queue at specific time in game or with forum post). You can find an example here.


We're hosting events for everyone, even for PvE fans or for fashion fans. Time to time you can find Dress to Impress events, Letter Hunt or any other special events, make sure to check the event section every now and then, read everything there in order to partake and win!


  • If you have any idea for new event - use !Aion Event Suggestion Thread, describe your idea as good as you can, make sure to bring some ideas along with screenshots, maps, in other words: full concept.
  • Please use a proper language, do not insult players, every offence will have a consequence (up to forum/ing account bans).
  • Do not spam in event section, feel free to create a discussion topic in General Discussion section.
  • Whenever event has passed (or registration is over), it's going to be written here as [CLOSED] or something similar, please DO NOT answer in this threads, PM hosting Staff member if you have any questions.

We hope, it's going to be easier for you to partake in our events after reading this guide. If you have any questions - feel free to /whisper Staff member in game, PM on forum or simply submit a .ticket in game. And remember:

ENJOY events on !Aion and have fun!

Looking forward to seeing you at the events,
!Aion Staff.
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