NTC Event

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NTC Event

Postby Aluru » 12 Jan 2014 02:00

More epic paint skills inc

So, this is a 12v12 race vs race event. Two groups of 6 of each race battle to either defend their Dux or kill the enemy Dux. The event is 30 mins long.
The picture shows a basic layout of the event.
Yellow -> Defend spawn
Red -> Attack spawn
Dark Blue -> Artifact buff mobs (Killing theses will add two effects to your race and 1 debuff to the opposite race, with a avg 5 min effect time and a 15 min respawn time)
Purple -> Mobs that will drop a random booster item for aid the attackers.
Yellow -> Gate defenders (These mobs must be killed in-order to advance to the next gate, there are two gates in total)
Black -> Gates

As well as 4 different artifact buffs, in this event the attackers gain passive buffs in-order to aid them with the assault! These buffs will appear at 5 min intervals. After the last buff the attackers will have 5 mins left in the event to defeat the Dux, if they fail the defenders win!
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Re: NTC Event

Postby d3arg0dx3 » 13 Jan 2014 14:54

I remember you hosted it once befor 4.0 it was great event :) even tho it took 1 hour or more
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Re: NTC Event

Postby Miragez » 19 Jan 2014 23:59

d3arg0dx3 wrote:I remember you hosted it once befor 4.0 it was great event :) even tho it took 1 hour or more

Yes, this. The NTC event is a great event. I have played on for second times, but you GMs didn't do it in before 1 month or yes ??
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