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New BG .1v1 Class BG :)

PostPosted: 03 Sep 2017 15:18
by Demirion
MAke .1v1 Class BG . Sin vs Sin , Gun vs Gun and another .This will be the best BG ever if possible :)and give good prizes for 3 or another consecutive wins.

-Only class vs class Battle
-Can choose in which class to enter

i Think this is good idea

Re: !Aion Event Suggestion Thread!

PostPosted: 04 Oct 2017 17:51
by Droak96
I dont know if someone said it before because I dont have time now to read 10 pages, but here I go with an idea what I found in another server, which was good but they didnt made it well at all.
The idea is make a Battle Royal (PUBG style) but in aion. (no need 100 players at all, with 12-10 could be funny already)
our items desapear in the dungeon. then we start with some gear, like boots+ gloves+a not really good weapon and scrolls/potions, (but not useless at all, just make a kill possible but not easy), in a large map. then we can find chest in some places with gear, consumables. after some time teleport all players to a shorter map. and this again until the last players finish in a little circle. all of this with his nerfs and balances to make it fair, like reduction of hide time, healing boost reduction, disable some skills, change cooldowns...the items you can get in the dungeons must help, but without gives a totally win just because you had a better luck in the lot. as I said before, a logical drop,not something like ap 65 gear or ap 75 gear.

so this is the idea I give, I hope you like it!

Re: !Aion Event Suggestion Thread!

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2017 19:27
by Harboe
This existed in the past on Not Aion and was called Hunger Games (as it was inspired by the book/movie franchise). However it went through some technical difficulties causing it to often bug the server or players so it eventually died out and was no longer maintained.

The concept is great, but it really takes a lot to make something that's proper enjoyable for more than a few times.