recap of sm's bugs

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recap of sm's bugs

Postby nemen » 27 Feb 2019 17:38

most of those bugs were reported already, but i thought listing them all togheter can be somehow useful.
-earth chain goes throught all slow resist skills all the time(earthen call, stubborn spirit, at's passive, etc).
-the summon (summon group member I) has a delay of 40 seconds before arriving to the target.
- spirita wall of protection: it doesnt dispell fear shierk/sleep storm as it should, we had the same bug with sleeps storm in 5.0
- unlike in other patches, in 4.6, dispells arent supposed to dispell sm's debuffs(magic implosion/ignite/aegis/dispell magic) but they still dispell some specific debuffs: magic implosion,shackle, infernal pain(i dont know if there are more). this is the 4.6 magic implosion( and this is the 4.8+ magic implosion(

im not sure about the last 2 and i hope someone can dig up more into them.
- pet is supposed to resist to the attacks of his own element (like earth pet is supposed to resist to fear shierk).
- pet shouldnt be dismissed everytime the sm takes a rift/gets ported somewhere.
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