Impure is back

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Impure is back

Postby Impure » 16 Apr 2018 23:26

Hello guys, my name is André and im an oldschool Aion player, i've been playing Aion since 1.5 with a lot of stops in between, i played mostly on private servers ( a lot of them) and i usually play with friends (and make friends in the name too ofc!), i've played two times in !aion but i ended up quitting.

But now my friends, im back with some old mates and we want o re-learn the game and have some fun. So i'll probably create a new character i dont know if i remember my account (i'll be asmo i think xD) so... see you in game! :D

p.s If someone remembers me, Impure (speed game aion), just pm me, i wanna meet old friends!
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