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Hi there :)

PostPosted: 17 Feb 2017 05:05
by Suretricks
First of all hello to everyone!
My name is Atanas and I'm 23 years old.
After i spent over a week in the official server i got hardly bored since i reached 67lvl(Glad) game became so grindy, so I've started to look around for a PvP oriented server since that's the only part that i enjoy in this genre.
I'm glad to join your community and already playing here for 2 days :) It's really enjoyable for now .
I'm planning to learn all basic things around the classes first to know what to expect from them etc as in every game.
It took me some time to decide between Glad and Chanter but i think that I'm going to play Chanter as a main since it looks harder and fun to me :)
I will really appreciate some kinda of advice/guide/item build for that class or so... since i couldn't find any for 5.0 and higher.
Well that's for now i guess :)

Re: Hi there :)

PostPosted: 22 Feb 2017 21:53
by HexHaXor
Glad is harder.