Hello im new and...

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Hello im new and...

Postby Angelblaze » 24 Jul 2015 02:38

hello im new on this server and wanted to say hi to everyone.

I also have a problem, I asked in LFG chat before i bought a weapon that said (temp) in it. I asked if glads can equip it in this server and people said yes. i kept asking people because i wanted to make sure so i dont waste might. they said yes. so I bought "[Temp] Darken Lord's Hatred" for 500 might and then proceeded to buy the pvp weapon "Special Elite Ambassador's Claymore" for 500 might. then i fused them and then tried to equip it but i cant. i thought it was cause of rank but its cause it says temp. I WASTED 1k might because people gave me the wrong info =(

I wanted to ask if i can have my might back and ill delete that weapon. gm can check me and everything. I just started and im already down cause of this incident. i only have time to play 2 days a week so i cant farm might alot like every1 else. I dont want to already hate this server and thats why im asking for help. pls help me :(
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Re: Hello im new and...

Postby Mists » 24 Jul 2015 06:03

Why would you hate this server, if you clearly could see that weapon is only for Templars?
Its up to you who to hate - those people or yourself XD

We return mights sometimes to newstarters, just send a .ticket IG with this request.
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Re: Hello im new and...

Postby Harboe » 24 Jul 2015 09:26

Lol, I'm sorry but that seems to be a lesson well learned.

First of all, one should never trust what people say on the internet, because they usually have more to gain by trolling you than not.

Second, I'm surprised you didn't try equipping the weapon after buying it in the first place. Just to confirm that it actually did work now that you had correctly been suspicious of this.
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