Checking in since over half a decade!

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Checking in since over half a decade!

Postby CassieThePonyCorn » 15 Mar 2021 08:30

Hey guys!
~ I'm Shocked to see this play still up, I remember playing this after school while doing my homework. Even in the summer I remember so many events would be held, GMs would fight for queues!!! Time really does fly, it's sort of scary!

~ When I think back my favorite memory was just during the summers I remember I'd be in my bedroom on my laptop like after everyone's gone to sleep, I would just be like on a nice summer night like having the fan on and hearing crickets chirping and things like that, just questing through you know whatever world it was, if it was recharger world, open world, battleground world, or even anoha world it was just sereinty playing this private server. The community was so close even if there was drama non stop xD

~ Sitting there with the crickets waiting for the next LFG drama or Duelist drama in sand map brings back memories of listening to taylor swift, you know? vibes.
~ Before I send it off, I do wish to comment on one of Taylor Swifts Iconic musicals, "Romeo And Juliet". ok so at the beginning of the song taylor and romeo meet at a ball they start to hit it off and when he comes to taylors house her dad says stay away from juliet (you might say yeah hes saying that to romeo, theres not proof there is another girl, and for right now you are correct but lets keep going). later in the song they meet up in the garden and at the end of that verse taylor says "oh, oh" which is a euphemism here....
Anyways, Good luck in life <3

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Re: Checking in since over half a decade!

Postby MIGRANTFIRE » 15 Mar 2021 18:13

stfu williems ^-^
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