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Bard Mana Drain Bug

PostPosted: 15 Oct 2018 00:56
by Hermione
I realised there is a delay of mana drain like a few seconds when casting Sea Variation or any other mana drain skill on the player sometimes they avoid it altogether. I thought this was something new for 6.2. I tested this on 5.8 NA with bell skill and it instantly removed mana. I watched videos on YouTube and there is no delay and it instantly removes mana. I thought the problem was with me but I tested on retail and I have same ping as here. Mana is reduced realtime in retail, but here its not.

Here is a sample video for 6.2 jump to 3:32 and 4:56.

Jump to 4:24 for this video.

This bug allows people to cast some skills before they run out of mana. This is a bug.

Here are the recodings I made.