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How to Report a bug

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2011 01:12
by Dei
There are several steps you got to support (IMPORTANT).

1. Please don't post a useless report where is written: "I can't sleep/stun etc. somebody or I can't cast Sleep", this is trash and useless.
Harboe does never want to see such incomplete reports.

2. Before you report something,
use the Search feature (next to the View Character button) and check if your bug has already been reported.

3. Please be patient and ask us in a nice way if we can fix a bug or if it's being fixed.
Don't start with "come on fix this now, it sucks" the motivation goes from 100 to zero. And if the bug was reported before then ask kindly if it got bugged again.

So, now you are certain that there is a bug. Follow those steps:

1. Use to search up the skill/item you want to report.

2. Write the Name of the skill and its URL. For example: Aethertech - Ravager Cannon I -

3. Write what the skill is supposed to do with some details, for example:

Effect: Bursts up to 1 runes on a target within 20m, dealing damage and also temporarily silencing the target and reducing its attack speed.
Target: Selected Target
Cast Time Cast Instantly
Cool-time 3 min
Cost MP 144

4. Describe the issue of the skill/item.


- If there is a critical bug we don't know about then tape it with Fraps or other recording programs and send it to a staff member per PM.

- Be patient and wait for a reply. harboe is checking the Bug Reports section daily.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you will follow the steps!

Best regards,

Re: How to Bugreport

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2011 10:04
by Azunai