Daevanion shocks' bug

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Daevanion shocks' bug

Postby Yoummu » 07 Feb 2019 05:36

All the daevanion skills that gives to the enemy stumble of aether hold can go through all another shock states in retail, in notaion they don't go through.

Gladiator's daevanion aether hold area and daevanianon stumble area can go through the normal stumbles or the normal aether hold skill.

The same with aether hold of bard, spiritmaster, sorcerer and the delayed stumble debuff of aethertech.

Extra info: these daevanion shocks doesn't increase or decrease the time of normal shocks, just the first shock is deleted, except with area stumble of gladiator and aethertech, they are stumbles but they are like stuns.
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