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As part of our review dedicated to the BtoB customer experience , we interviewed Christophe Lepont, Head of Marketing and Fleet Strategy at Finland Phone Number List Fleet Solutions Volkswagen Group, specializing in the financing and management of corporate vehicle fleets. Microphone. CL: It's an entity created 7 years ago, entirely dedicated to B2B. It is aimed at companies of all sizes to provide them with mobility solutions with the 5 brands of the Volkswagen group. It is a global approach that combines mobility and financing with rental, insurance, and related services such as maintenance and tires in a packaged offer that remains adaptable to the specific characteristics of the customer. We work in support with the 2,000 dealers of the group present in France. We have naturally developed with the desire to open up such offers to VSEs and SMEs, by forging a close relationship with our customers, thanks to the territorial coverage of our network. And we are gradually setting out to conquer larger fleets. Today we have a fleet of 100,000 vehicles,

CL: I am head of the Marketing and Strategy department. My mission is deployed in three directions: develop the reputation of the entity on the market as an expert and supplier of mobility; develop the customer portfolio through the generation of Finland Phone Number List qualified leads and steer the customer loyalty and follow-up policy. This requires in particular a permanent exchange work with the field, with a view to always better segmenting the offer and by a quality customer relationship, via the My Fleet Solutions app. We also naturally use the press, Linkedin and social networks. CL: We give priority to notoriety and the construction of an expert image to establish our credibility. To this image, which creates trust, we add a notion of proximity and enhancement of human relations, for example with messages initiated by distributors locally. Our effort also aims to clarify for companies what may seem complicated (financing, taxation, etc.), to synthesize and permanently personalize our offers so that they coincide as closely as possible with the needs of each company, from small business to large account.

CL: for lead generation, we manage a whole range of digital tools from the head office: sending e-mailings to rented bases, retargeting and nurtering of contacts and of course creation of content to facilitate entry in relation with the prospect or the customer such as the proposal of documentation or highlighting of the various services. Thanks to our packaged offers, we Finland Phone Number List attracting customers who did not yet have access to a comprehensive and intelligible mobility offer where everything is integrated and managed by a single point of contact. This represents a considerable saving of time and energy but also real savings on a daily basis. CL: our dealers are very aware of the importance of the customer relationship in B2B. We are keen to humanize the relationship as much as possible and digital tools are an important vector for developing this notion of proximity and the frequency of exchanges with our customers. By developing new solutions, new services, services that provide links and added value, we anticipate future developments in the customer-supplier relationship for all mobility issues. The fact that vehicle maintenance is part of the package creates opportunities for contact throughout the relationship. And via the mobile app, we are in direct contact with the driver himself. In fact, our packages are loyalty-building by nature and through the added value it brings.
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