Deuce - Invicible

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Deuce - Invicible

Postby MyNameIsBigDeuce » 27 Oct 2017 14:45

Who's Big Deuce and what's Invicible short version :


Deuce/I co-founded Hollywood Undead along with J-Dog and Shady Jeff. He/I was the lead singer and producer of the band's first album Swan Songs

He/I was a member of Hollywood Undead until early 2010. He/I left because of a disagreement with the band. It has yet to confirmed as to the exact reason why he/I got kicked out/left, as the band and Deuce/me himself/myself state different reasons but none have been confirmed. He/I has gone in a solo career since his/my departure from HU and has since worked with his/my crew, Nine Lives.


Now he/I release my album called Invicible, it has to be released in 2015 but after troubles with the label it just come now in 2017 1st December. (2015 he/I released an alpha version of Invicible coz he/I was pissed of the label)

You can listen on Spotify/pre-order it here :

My/his first single :

And you can touch yourself on that dope 30s preview of the new songs :
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Re: Deuce - Invicible

Postby blacknwhite » 27 Oct 2017 15:29

such a gladiator anthem you got there.
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