How to connect to !Aion 4.7 []

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How to connect to !Aion 4.7 []

Postby Dei » 30 Dec 2012 15:44

Software Requirements

Latest Net. Framework that is compatible with your operating system.


DirectX 9.0c or higher
Link: ... 4enus22051

Link2 [If you have DirectX Issues] : ...

Do you have Aion installed?

- The European Gameforge client does not work here!! You need the North American NCSoft client version!

- Do you have the North American Aion Client, but you can't see items? Then delete your Data and L10N folder which is located in your Aion folder and repair your client with the NCsoft AION Launcher. [PLEASE, start the launcher as admin!]

- Do you have the North American Aion Client, but you cannot connect to our server? Then try to delete your bin32 folder followed by repairing it through the NCsoft AION Launcher.
If you still face problems connecting to our server, then follow the installation guide from the 6th step to the end.


- Download the NCsoft AION Launcher and install it. Link:
- Start the NCsoft AION Launcher as admin by right clicking it and pressing on "Start as Admin".
- Download the game and let the launcher install it until it says "Play Now", press on it to test if the client is working.
- Download the Not Aion launcher -> and extract it's files, place the Not Aion Launcher.ece wherever you want.
- Start the Not Aion Launcher AS ADMIN and press and hit "Play". It will automatically find your Aion installation. In case it fails, you will be asked to locate the Aion folder yourself. It's by default in C:\Program Files (x86)\NCsoft\Aion unless you have installed it elsewhere.



The manual way if you still couldn't connect to our servers [Windows 7 or lower]:

- There is a Folder called "For those who prefer the manual way" Copy the "d3d8thk.dll" into your bin32 folder and the Play Not Aion.bat to your Aion folder.
- Start the game through the Play Not Aion.bat

[Hint:] You can change the parameters of the .bat by right clicking it and pressing on "Edit".

Note: Aion is about 29 GB big, so make sure that you have enough disk space.

Account creation

Your forum account is not the ingame account. Visit and create an account or just click >>>here<<<.

Have fun! ;)

Create a thread or look for a solution in the support forum if you're still facing issues after following the installation steps.
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