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7.5 sendlogs :c

PostPosted: 12 Jun 2020 21:22
by HinshiNoSenpai
How can i fix sendlogs on 7.5v?
Sometimes i had sendlogs like 5-10 times an raw, but sometimes it's works normal :(

Or if u know tell me, how2skip loading after sendlogs :)
Thank you!

Re: 7.5 sendlogs :c

PostPosted: 13 Jun 2020 13:01
by HinshiNoSenpai
Still need help with sendlogs)
But i'll tell you how2skip loading after sendlog! You need2sweach : NormalStop=0 to NormalStop=1 in:
D:\AION Free-to-Play\Data\dump\config.ini
And make setting to that file: Read only!