NotAion Server Select Issue

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NotAion Server Select Issue

Postby ChristeiPainter » 10 Aug 2019 01:12

Whenever I load up NotAion 64 or 32 bit client and log in getting to the server select screen after I press select server or click Ok to the recommended server it stops working. I cant press any of the buttons and have to force close the application. I have changed the file location several times and nothing has changed. How do I fix this.
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Re: NotAion Server Select Issue

Postby sophia1738 » 22 Nov 2019 23:47

i have the same problem. Did u end up figuring how to fix it? The server screen when i log in was the old one with the dragon(6.5? i think) I updated the gameforge client too
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Re: NotAion Server Select Issue

Postby Harboe » 23 Nov 2019 08:26

If you have the old login screen, then you are obviously using an old, outdated client.

Maybe you did run the update and have an Aion client somewhere on your PC that's updated. But it's not the one you're trying to run for the moment.

If you don't know where your GameForge client is installed, just open the settings in the updater.
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