4.5 Gladiator Tips

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4.5 Gladiator Tips

Postby whatgoodie » 09 Jul 2014 11:13

sup fellas that play aion or not aion. Just wanna give a few tips for a gladiator.. You need 3k Acc, minimum of 800+ based crit without food or buffs. Stigmas you wanna use, Absorbing Fury V, Severe Weakening Blow VII, (asmodian Piercing Rupture III) (elyos Shattering Wave III) You know the other basic stigmas... Basically... just learn to weave as a gladiator.. You can use the Letter "C" Button to weave, it helps a bit between skills. In 4.5 there are still gladiators that use ankle snare... ANKLE SNARE IS not worth it now, it either gets resisted or people already know how to remove.. it was good in 3.0. If you have any questions about gladiators, just inbox me or write in this forum :P Thanks :) Just wanted to give a few tips~ Whatgoodie Siel
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Re: 4.5 Gladiator Tips

Postby Nicvict » 09 Jul 2014 13:17

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Re: 4.5 Gladiator Tips

Postby HexHaXor » 10 Jul 2014 10:41

whatgoodie wrote:ANKLE SNARE IS not worth it now,

WAaT ?? my whole life is a lie ....
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Re: 4.5 Gladiator Tips

Postby Kya » 10 Jul 2014 19:15

Nicvict wrote:Image
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Re: 4.5 Gladiator Tips

Postby Prophet » 11 Jul 2014 10:21

plz dont play gladi, go back top your mainclass(1-2-3sorc i guess)
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