Looking for Gunner guide.

If you feel like helping out the new ones.

Looking for Gunner guide.

Postby Beethoven » 09 Jul 2013 21:22

Hello, as the title says i'm looking for a gunner guide, expessialy "combos", skill sequences. I am full geared and i lose vs newbies :oops:

Thanks, guys! :P
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Re: Looking for Gunner guide.

Postby Gale » 09 Jul 2013 21:59

You gor 2 debuffs(1 bleed and 1 atk speed decrease) 1 silence, a root, 2 cd refreshers for knockbacks, a 3 sec stun... It's not really that hard to play a gunner:D make sure you spam attack buffs, and stay away from the target. I'd cover silence pretty soon then stun and simply spam dps skills. Don't forget you have that retreat skill, to get away from melee classes. You need to discover your own playstyle, only by failing you will learn. Learn from your mistakes, figure out how skills work together:D if you keep playing the class, knowing what each skill does, you won't even need a guide, you'll figure out combos by yourself:D
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Re: Looking for Gunner guide.

Postby Byakko » 09 Jul 2013 22:32

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Re: Looking for Gunner guide.

Postby Lapuka » 10 Jul 2013 00:01

12k crit only if you have both attack boost skills up, your target is immobilized and there is no other enemy who could interrupt you, well then you pray RNG god for crit otherwise glad would eat your face, different story with dual pistols, you can move all the time, you can't be interrupted and overal dps is the same or even greater, never go full cannon! You can try paralyzing shot build (aether hold) so you fight with pistols when you run out of skills or you see your enemy wasted rs you switch to cannon and perform aether hold > 3 instant cast cannon nukes + spec skill for aether locked targets, with this combo in ffa I had great time, when you're full buffed you can kill baddies only by this combo. problem is you lose 2 buffs so in my case mboost+hp set I can't fight back sins or mr chars, well I can but there is great chance to fail some skill of combo, that would lead to total failure when you run out of skills in midle of combat .. >.>, but 16k hp helps alot against rolfstomp rangers, they go mad when you still have 3-5k hp after their 1,2,3,4..
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Re: Looking for Gunner guide.

Postby Rineri » 10 Jul 2013 06:46

Byakko wrote:http://www.twitch.tv/akyvid/c/2550174

thats how it works :'D

Ok for those people out there who want to enjoy Missile Guide, here's how you do it.

[Switch Cannon] Juggernaut > [Switch Pistols] Hemorrhage > Fire resist debuff (not necessary) > silence > [Switch Cannon] Frozen Blitz > Missile guide.

There are other tricky ways to make your opponent waste his pot/debuff removal skills.
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