Fear/Ripple AHK for noob friendly

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Fear/Ripple AHK for noob friendly

Postby TrashRUSSIAN » 05 Mar 2020 22:40

Hello my name is Yurii Gagarin
Here are some AHK codes that i worked on last day for beginners cuz every second Russian uses them anyways.

So here are the files for cleric ripple fear SHREK and sleep storm (notice sleep storm doesn't require any buffs you just ripple it while fear shrek sometimes requires yellow buff depends on your ping and enemy's attack speed)

The bard AHK's are simple because bard's dispel is OP as fuck but still at least you don't need to pay attention now

BOTH scripts (bard and cleric) are binded for Q ... you can change it in the script it looks like {q} ... put anything you want on the place of q

In the file you will find a line " file = D:/aion/chat.log "
Change it to your location of the chat log.

PS:You can check for what skill is exactly the file when you right click it and click edit.


I have them all on 1 code but im not giving that shit lul

FAST EDIT i forgot here is the AHK for Poision removal and bestial fury for ranger and assasin

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Re: Fear/Ripple AHK for noob friendly

Postby ricardeuce » 06 Mar 2020 00:06


"by hexhaxor"

this guy can't understand how to browse 4chan and pretend he can code a script

let me fix this for you:
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Re: Fear/Ripple AHK for noob friendly

Postby HexHaXor » 06 Mar 2020 06:21

My pets after theyr prey

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