[Guide] Aion - Enable Smoother Gameplay ~ Higher FPS

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Re: [Guide] Aion - Enable Smoother Gameplay ~ Higher FPS

Postby msd1982 » 18 Nov 2019 01:00

Gameboy wrote:
Ecto wrote:Bit of a thread necro but I don´t think anyone just posted a system.cfg that be used, so here you go. This is for "still nice looking but fast" 1080p settings. Even after copying the files across you can edit you graphics settings in game if you want them nicer or quicker. System.cfg must be set to read only, systemoptiongraphics.cfg doesn´t need it. It goes in your aion folder, you should see one there already.

Code: Select all

Some changes made, but far from all:

Vegetation animation etc turned off
chat.log and Show FPS enabled by default
Power Saving Mode Disabled (useful for laptop users)
Particles numbers and things like that were limited too

Do we need to run the .bat?

Hi i put all like usay but my mouse was desactivated!! wtf npw how i can tp my old archive... u can post the bat fpor me plz or tellme how i can fix that from the mouse
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