templar kya e lyo

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templar kya e lyo

Postby Kya » 05 Jan 2018 17:37

Hey guys, I was going through my pc and I had these footages ov me and Lyo, it's quite old now (like almost 2 years), but anyways, I decided to upload it
i miss lyo :( and everyone :( buuuut, that's life.
Hope u don't mind my ping, cuz it was smth around 350ms.
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Re: templar kya e lyo

Postby Levi » 05 Jan 2018 17:40

Lyo trash, loses to a 300ms ping BR temp LUL
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Re: templar kya e lyo

Postby HexHaXor » 05 Jan 2018 23:03

fucking legends <3
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