Comeback - but what to play?

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Comeback - but what to play?

Postby Daveolf » 23 Apr 2019 21:12

Hey guys, I was looking after Aion again, but there is some questions I would like to ask before creating character again. Well, mostly I would like to know something new about our classes...

Which one would you recommend as ''best'' for me to start? - well ik that it is really bad question but... You also know that classes were changed many times, nerfed, boosted etc... Im lost right now. Like really lost... I know you allways need support - what Im above average I can say :D but infinite healing, buffing, keeping party alive is not what Im looking for right now... Angry after work, want kick someones ass - thats what I need :D maybe should I go for CoD since from start It will be not easy... :D okay okay stick to the theme. These are classes that I used to be ... lets put it in this way - O.K. cant say good for those who would like to blame me and cant say bad... so here they are:

Cleric (DPS)

Here are classes that I was average (in my own skills)

Chanter (DPS)

Class that I never know to play


I dont know weaving good so melee classes are out. (are they?)
Sorc was harder for me in every next patch since 2.7 (idk why)
Gunner was nerfed so my 3 skill combo will be never back :D
SM/AT need still learn how to be better - playtime needed

In this all I get that I should choose between Bard and Cler.

I know that Bard is for most of you cancer, but I think it fit my style pretty good. Not that hard to play, dont really need group of friends for pvp (that I dont have :( ) and it is class that I know play cause I spend some time playing it.

Final part of my questions:
So would you recommend me to stay with Bard?
Is he still as good as he was? Or get nerf like gunner?
Is still weaving important part of melee class or it is playable with knowing only basics? (if I would like to jump into action)

Well thats it... If you guys wanna tell something more please do not hesitate and go on. Make an open conversation about playing on this for me new patch. I would really like to be big f*king Templar/Glad that jump in fight. But also I know you guys are advanced pvp players, so I think it is good for me to be something that I was ''good'' before.

Sorry for my English, also sorry for this long post :)
Ty in advance!
*don't worry if you see shit posts from me, I play drunk sometimes... anyone DF btw?

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Re: Comeback - but what to play?

Postby Yoummu » 24 Apr 2019 04:40

If you wanna have advantage use AT, they are unbalancedly strongs.

Gunner is not too nerfed, with crit buffs you can remove a good % of hp, and the paralize is mortal, it can go throught the remove shock.

Bard the same with horses, now they are very fast and with knock back.

Cleric can't lose against plate, but it can't win against bard.

A gladiator without weaving doesn't have problems, the weaving now does low dmg, like 50% less the normal skills.

SM isn't too hard since you can use 0.5s cast (practicaly instant) fear in 1v1, then just dps and with a bit of timing practice to do another fear or the silence just when the first is finishing.
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Re: Comeback - but what to play?

Postby notyukifir » 24 Apr 2019 23:51

If you like Bard and Cleric.
I would ask myself "What do I prefer?".
"Giving people cancer?/DMG/Heal/Penguin" or
"Healing/ annoying people with cast/attk speed slow/1-2sec para flying cat".

Basically Bard is a dps that can kill every class in this patch.
Cleric is mainly heal but can be played on dps. If you play it on dps tho you will never have a chance to win vs a same geared cleric or bard, sin or a good gunner.
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