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Re: Balance 5.8

Postby sekchouaib » 10 Mar 2020 21:44

sorasorasora wrote:Why choose a composition when all classes should have a chance? Each class has its advantages and disadvantages and now there are classes that simply havent disadvantages. They can be wrong a million times and still win wtf??

i play both sin and temp and AT when im with AT or temp i bit them so ez even with my glad and the other way when i play sin i sturgle so bad vs temp and AT and glad so dont be stupid the game is balanced enough to make it enjoyable sin have many weakness i never saw a sin kill 3 people in Bg solo with no suport and heal and sheilds i never saw sin do combos and kill u in 2 seconds thats cant hapend its not 7.2 dude im decent with sin i played vs all top tiers sins vs my templar they never won vs no matter they do so dont complain if u have counter play just find a way that make people hard to counter u + ranger is worst class since they made gunner they are the most usless class in pvp groups + its not the system fault its your dude so dont complain if u dont know how to make ranger work just go on another class becuase privte server cant be balanced like retail look like some class they do better than others when all people with low gear like ranger but when all people with good gear ranger do not do that will i hope u understand that i played privte servers since 2011 in alote of games and always u will find some class a little better than the others becuase games like aion they dont do patches evry week and its hard to get all people fully geard in retail so they never now if the game is balanced or not take Lol as example a patch evry 15 days so they keep the game balanced its just how mmo rpgs work dude dont complain
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Re: Balance 5.8

Postby mmoseeker » 11 Jul 2020 11:32

a good temp can do much more than provide BG
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Re: Balance 5.8

Postby WorstSMeasiestAion » 16 Jul 2020 10:17

Zze wrote:Sin / Sorc / Cleric is indeed a very strong team vs team setup but you have to understand that there are multiple types of BGS , 3 teams ,4 teams , king of the hill , capture the points etc .

If you take all of BGs in discussion , it goes down to the team players skill to actualy win the rest of the BGs for any Control Comps.

I used to play this setup back in 5.6 with Mishat and Muted , and if the other 2 teamates werent playing perfectly our comp wouldnt win as much as we did .

About templar nerf , there was a point where double templar with unnerfed BG would just destroy everything since x4 pulls x2 BGs , x2 Providence and rotating Penoply.

Perfect = ?? and = Image

Interesting........ anywho's xoxo
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Re: Balance 5.8

Postby kumar0raja » 29 Mar 2021 23:54

Where are you in the ladder? This version (5.8) has hundred years old, and you still have not found a way to defeat them. :)
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