English sounds instead of korean

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English sounds instead of korean

Postby Kironel » 20 Feb 2021 13:26

Hello everyone! When I downloaded 7.5 Not Aion client and started it all the sounds were in Korean. Sounds of NPCs, warning sounds, any sounds. I don't like the way Korean sounds so I started looking for decision to change the sounds back to English. On the GameForge it's said the following https://forum.aion.gameforge.com/forum/ ... s-in-game/. So their client would still sound Korean. I've found an old 7.0 client of an US server where nobody is playing as far as I got it, but still I got the client and the needed folder. Here is it https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing The folder "sounds" should be put into Not Aion 7.5/l10n/ENG WITHOUT OVERWRITING. Copy your original folder "sounds" just in case and delete it from the client then put this folder instead.
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