No might from mobsters

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No might from mobsters

Postby AndromedaGalaxy » 10 Jan 2021 23:19

Hello. I am on a map.
Why do these mobsters no give me mite? I need to afford some new cool skins!! but i have murderererered half of the map so far but no luck!not even one mite!! D: plz someone explain how to obtain mite. Thank you.


my friend asked on the discord serveur but no one helped. I just copy paste this bcz she says she was banned here XDD idk how.

ty for the help :D ^_^/
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Re: No might from mobsters

Postby IYoummu » 11 Jan 2021 11:05

Tell it to create a new account here. I was banned 2 or 3 times and just creating a new account i can still posting memes and bugs.
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