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PostPosted: 22 Dec 2017 14:49
by Harboe
Hello everyone,

As per the popular vote that was done last month, Beluslan is now the new Open World map on Not Aion.

The setup uses the area once popularised around patch 3.7 here on Not Aion, the Frost Spirit Valley. It's nothing like the old days, though, because we've made it possible to climb out of that hole if you happen to fall in (or jump in order to escape a raging zerg). Not to mention it's not a zerg road between two bases either... so really, it's nothing like the old days, but the surroundings are hella nostalgic if anybody cares for that.


Re: Beluslan

PostPosted: 24 Dec 2017 15:15
by ggkaawl2k18
Hell ye i care 4 dat, tnx a lot for this. Enjoying.

Re: Beluslan

PostPosted: 27 Dec 2017 11:27
by Harboe
Based on feedback and observations made with regards to the Beluslan layout, some adjustments are coming later today.

There will no longer be any rift exits down in the Valley (previously 2 of 8 possible rift exits were down there).

Most of the outposts in the Valley will be moved up to Beluslan's Roof and the surrounding upper plateau.

Stay tuned!